Portable Disinfectant Fogging Machine


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Fumigation Fogging Machine, For Sanitization

The fumigation fogging machine has wide applied fields and can be used for sanitation and prevention in hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, and other public places. It is an ideal electric sprayer with reliable performance and convenient use.

  • High-efficiency electric sprayer perfect for Disinfection in hospitals, clinics, homes, etc.
  • Resistance to fall and aging, durable to use.
  • Ergonomic groove, comfortable to carry.
  • Easy to operate, turn on the power switch to start the spraying work.
  • This machine allows the user to operate personally without any technical help.
  • Power Consumption: 900W to 1500W Depends on Model You Select.
  • Liquid Capacity : 100ml (last for 5 min)
  • Heating Time : 3 Minutes
  • Control Mode: Wired
  • Coverage Area: 20-40 mm square
  • Application: Clinics, Homes, Offices, Shops, Cars, Gym, Spa, Saloon, etc.
  • Use Distilled Water Only for Long Life of the product..use Ethanol / Sodium Hypochlorite Based sanitizer. For fogging you can add 10% to 30% Glycerin to Increase Fog Density.


  • Do Not Use Alcohol
  • Use Only Distilled water
  • Switch OFF machine when not in use As it gets warm
  • Keep Away from Children’s

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